We believe that by building the capacity of employees gives them skills to tackle issues and resolve problems. We are engaged in empowering employees, humanitarian workers and fresh graduate competency. A range of training is accessible for personnel working in private or public organization to improve their knowledge. By attending the training, employees and humanitarian workers acquire new technical skills which improve organization’s quality of services.

We conduct an assessment for each organization to identify the needs of its employees. Training are developed and designed in response to the recognized needs and the competences of the employees.

Different levels are accessible for participant. Beginner level describes and encloses the essential ideas of a training subject. While advanced level is more complex as it covers more specific and technical ideas.

Since we answer to the needs of the organizations and participants, our training are delivered in Arabic or English.

We are specialized in training for NGO in Lebanon, Middle East and North Africa region.


Our training are oriented to participants seeking development of their skills and competencies. Participants are from different educational background and occupation. They are fresh graduates, researcher, staff from Non Government Organization or donor organization, mid and senior employees employed by educational institution, health organizations, local authorities and corporate sector.

Method of learning

Our trainers use active learning method, based on group work, case study and learning games. Training are a combination of theoretical approach and participatory learning. We provide materials and references for participants to ensure that participants have to necessary tools to use the knowledge gained during the training in their daily job.


We offer tailor made training in response to the participants needs. For further information, please send an email to our training team at

List of Training

Statistical Package for the Social Science - SPSS

SPSS training provides fundamental and advanced skills in statistical analysis using SPSS. It provide in depth understanding of SPSS statistical outputs. The training covers all aspects of a statistical analysis using SPSS, writing syntax and other needed tools for analyzing medical, social or demographic data.

Questionnaire design

Training covers the essential element of questionnaire writing, survey questions and evaluation forms design. It points out the challenges for asking questions, best questions to be asked for behavioral occurrence and methods for face to face interviewing

Statistic Course

Statistic course is developed to learn statistic for daily application. Participants will be able to manipulate data, generate tables and charts. Participants will acquire the skills of of reading chats, read statistical reports, write and interpret statistical test.

Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation training develops participant's capacities to monitor and evaluate different project. It covers the different element of M&E,  output, outcome, indicators, indicator matrix, log frame, and  M&E plan.


Consultancy for NGO

We provide technical assistance to NGOs and organization to expand the impact of project and to improve their quality of services.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Our experts provide support for monitoring & evaluation to national programs, NGOs and private sector institution. Program and project's manager, monitoring and evaluation officers, field workers benefit from the expertise of our consultant. Our monitoring and evaluation services include:

  • Develop monitoring and evaluation plan

  • Conduct mid and final evaluation project.

  • Design monitoring and evaluation tools for collecting information

  • Data collection and analysis

  • Review of available monitoring and evaluation system, methodologies and reports


Survey and Studies

We believe that statistical data and information are essential to make decisions and plan for projects and services a community or national level.

Our team of statistician and researcher offer qualitative and qualitative studies. The team has the capacity to conduct baseline survey, carry out need assessment studies, assess project’s impact and achievements, run focus group discussion with beneficiaries and key informant.