Who We Are

ESSC seeks that community's member benefit from high quality services.

We offer training and consultancy services for educational institution, healthcare centers, Non Government Organization and Public sector.

ESSC is engaged in empowering employees and fresh graduate competency. A range of trainings is accessible for personnel working in private or public organization to improve their knowledge. By attending the trainings, personnel acquire new technical skills which improve organization’s quality of services

ESSC's team of expert supports NGO and community institution by offering professional guidance and consultancy services. We are specialized in assessing community needs and resources for an effective decision making. We provide organization by high quality information expand, maintain and support sustainable development.

Our Values:

Privacy: protect confidentiality of individuals and organization.

Transparency: communicate reports and outcomes.

Collaboration: share knowledge and expertise with community and individuals.

Innovation: anticipate changes in response to community and organization needs.